New Jersey Nosework Training by Offleash K9 Trainer Jacqueline Zinetti


Jacqueline Zinetti is the Owner and Head Trainer of the NY/NJ Metro Area Off Leash K9 Training location. She grew up on Long Island in NY and now resides in Paramus NJ with her husband, Matthew, and their menagerie of foster and resident pets. In addition to OLK9NJ's amazing obedience programs, Jacqueline is thrilled to start offering Nose Work training in the NY/NJ area.

Whether you rescued a mixed breed or went to a breeder and picked a top of the line competition dog, Nosework is fun and engaging for pups of all sizes, breeds, and temperments. Jacqueline became very interested in Nose Work after seeing how this fun and engaging sport led to better communication and strengthened the bond between dog and handler.

What really motivated her to learn all she could was knowing that many rescue dogs, including the many foster dogs she has had, have fear issues. Some dogs act out and become aggressive (fight) while others will do anything they can to run away as far and fast as possible (flight). In either case, if we can get the dog to use their nose, that is a major step in the direction of recovery/rehabilitation. Nose work fully engages the dog and gives them the opportunity to have a great time and feel good about the job they have done which leads to better confidence and a more balanced dog.

Jacqueline works with dogs every day that are bored and or anxious and need a job. All dogs need a job and without one, the problems that arise are countless. To name just a few, excessive chewing, barking, whining, digging etc. You can run a dog for 10 miles but if you are not engaging their brain and giving them mental stimulation as well, there is still tons of energy that needs to be drained. Nosework is the way to do it!

There is no prior obedience training required for Nosework, and the training itself is a no correction, all reward-based system. No matter what your dog knows or doesn't know, Jacqueline and OLK9NJ look forward to showing you this motivating system that all dogs and their owners can enjoy!

Nose Work Classes

What is Nose work?

Nose work is a military and law enforcement concept that can be trained to household pets. These pets learn how to detect any odor the owner wants us to teach the dog to identify. Even if the odor is hidden in compartments throughout the house or even hidden in unfamiliar places outside in urban environments.

Any dog regardless of age, breed, size or temperament can enjoy and benefit from this activity. Nose work is great for building confidence in a shy dog, give an active dog an appropriate and challenging outlet for its' energy and help the reactive dog overcome its environmental sensitivity. Nose work also helps to strengthens the bond between dog and handler and best of all it is fun for both!

Narcotic detection dogs and military working dogs are used to detect the odor of narcotics and explosives. In nose work training, dogs are taught to detect legal odors such as Birch, Aniseed, or Cloves (and many more). The techniques of military working dogs and narcotic detection dogs, however, are the same exact techniques Off-Leash K9 Training employs for training their nose work dogs.

Dogs who have environmental or social behavioral problems actually become very good nose work dogs! Not only is it fun, engaging, and building up their natural sensory, but it is also an amazing confidence builder for these dogs!

There are no corrections involved in nose work training! Just like their military and police dogs, Off-Leash K9 Training's program is a reward-based training system. This means the dog learns that if it finds and indicates the desired odor, it will get a high value reward.

Off-Leash K9 Training has taken their experience in working with military/police detection dogs and has broken the training steps down into a fun-to-learn, engaging, and motivating system that all dogs and their owners can enjoy!